Low-sugar chestnut cream

This recipe is dedicated to my mum who taught me when I was a kid that the best dessert ever is “Crème de marrons à la petite cuillère” (chestnut cream à la teaspoon). The recipe here is not for the super sweet chestnut cream that you can buy in store, but a healthier low-sugar version. It is great … Read More

Chestnut and chocolate cake

SIMPLY DELICIOUS, and accessorily generous in minerals and vitamins... This chestnut and chocolate serves 8 (366 calories per serving), and is ready in 60 minutes or so (+ an extra 60 minutes or so if fresh chestnuts are used). Ingredients 200 g butter ¾ cup of unsweetened raw … Read More

i love homemade ice cream

I LOVE ICE CREAM - but who does not, really? and I love homemade ones for many reasons: It is sweet, yet generally lower in calories than a homemade cake. It is kind of healthy* as it has calcium and the nutrients from the fruits and/or the nuts. It is easy to prepare – well, at least … Read More